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Amanda Lynn provides a calm yet energized learning environment. Her warmth, intelligence and attention to detail gave me an experience and an understanding of the process that was at the same time informative and transformative. Over time, I experienced a new sense of heightened awareness, accompanied by a bodily feeling of being grounded in the moment and a tacit sensation of what a miracle the body is. It’s obvious she has the gifts of knowledge, passion, and intuition for the Feldenkrais Method™ as well as a real talent for sharing those gifts.

—Malcolm Stirling

Taking Feldenkrais® with Amanda Lynn has brought about a congruence within my body and soul—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Amanda Lynn has a unique way of reconnecting you with all the parts of your body and somehow integrating it all. I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda Lynn and Feldenkrais for several years. A revelation occurs every time I embark on a new series.


On two occasions I have taken Feldenkrais workshops with Amanda Lynn. My motivation for doing so was to bring mindfulness to my use of my body so that I could reduce or perhaps eliminate recurring aches and pains that have resulted either through structural misalignment, accident or excessive exertion. I was pleased to discover that not only does Amanda Lynn have a thorough knowledge of both the body and Feldenkrais movement techniques, but she is able to accurately communicate and warmly inspire students to focus and expand their abilities to use their bodies to undertake Feldenkrais movements that indeed do result in greater bodily ease, balance, spontaneity and contentment. I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda Lynn as a certified Feldenkrais teacher. You will enjoy her classes!

—Peter Dimitrov

I did some Feldenkrais work years ago and found it relaxing, but Amanda Lynn has taken it to a different level. I particularly enjoy the practical aspect of her classes and the joy with which she teaches. Amanda Lynn brings a natural enthusiasm and confidence to her lessons that is hard to duplicate.

—Bev Sharwood

I truly believe that Feldenkrais and how Amanda Lynn delivers it helped me tremendously in recovering from a serious leg injury. I have great memories of kneeling and falling over and over again, sitting cross-legged in one direction and in one graceful movement standing up in the opposite direction. Amazing. Never thought I could do that.


As one of the faculty at Amanda Lynn’s Feldenkrais training, I have been able to watch her blossom and grow for a few years. And blossom she has. She’s a clear thinker, emotionally congruent and spiritually tuned. Her teaching is like sunlight sparkling on the ripples of a deep mountain lake. For private lessons or group experiences, you’ll be in very good hands.

—Robert Spencer, Feldenkrais Practitioner™ and Assistant Trainer

Amanda Lynn is a dynamic and magnetic speaker who presents with eloquence, grace, and strength. You’ll want to hear her story.

—Lindagail Campbell, NLP Pacific

In one of Amanda Lynn’s workshop series, her judicious integration of “toning” sounds opened up a potential for deep release of tension and an inner change of state for me. This approach invited the possibility of using movement and awareness as an opportunity to empty the mind of its layers of content. In other words, it provided a setting with transformative potential, something that seems increasingly rare these days. I have found Amanda Lynn’s lessons to be well-planned, timed and formulated, and the person to be a progressive and independent thinker when imparting the method; in short, I would describe her contribution as a wonderful and unique work in progress!

—Roger Barany, Feldenkrais Student